PT. Gatra Mapan

About Us

PT Galangcitramitra Majumapan, better known as PT Gatra Mapan established since 1984. This business has a corporate philosophy that always put teamwork and togetherness, embodied in the name of the company itself, Galangcitramitra Majumapan. The name has a meaning as a form / shape / image (citra), gather (galang), partner (mitra) in this case are employees, suppliers, customers to work together for the better and stable / steady future (Mapan) .

Therefore, for the future progress we always listening and pay attention, respect to our employees, suppliers, and customers feedback. And all forms of decision we made, we always preferred to choose a decision that has a benefit for both parties / win-win solution. According to that philosophy, since 2000 PT Gatra Mapan established with a vision: world wide and mission: present in every room. Our founders have a desire to bring / deliver Gatra Mapan’s products all around the world by presenting these products in every customer’s room.

By bringing the company values, philosophy, vision and mission, a broad global partnership has finally come true. Not just domestic partners but also partners around the world including: Europe (France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.), North America (Canada), Asia (Singapore, Japan, UAE, India), Africa (South Africa , Nigeria, etc.). For domestic market, in order to fulfill the needs of customers, we opened marketing offices across 12 capital city in Indonesia. At the begining, the main products of PT Gatra Mapan is a TV shelf / entertainment furniture, using particle board and MDF (Medium Density Fiber) as main raw material and PVC laminate as the finishing by using knock down method. Now as the time passed, Gatra Mapan able to create products of interior furniture like wardrobe, desk, dresser, and others. In terms of products, the founders have wisely, patiently, and diligently invested the meaning of quality and product design. One thing to be proud that today, our products, designed by sons and daughters of Indonesia is in high demand by Gatra Mapan’s foreign and domestic customers.

Finally, we thank profusely to our partners, employees, suppliers and customers that sincerly partnered with us. Hopefully our relation can be maintained and improved in order to produce better things for us, through cooperation and togetherness.

Listing Location

Jalan Tegal Mapan No.18, Pakis kembar, Pakis, Krajan, Pakisjajar, Pakis, Malang, Jawa Timur 65154, Indonesia.

62-03-4179 1898