Kuo Ching Furniture Decoration Co., Ltd

About Us

Kuo Ching office furniture is established since 1979, the business has grown steadfast followed by Taiwan economic rapid development. During 1995, he stepped into China and started to set up his factory in Guang Zhou, China. His predominant achievement make him very succeed in deploying export-oriented business. Kuo Ching later built out the production line in Beijing, Shanghai, Cheng Du and Heshan. Heshan Kuo Ching is amongst the biggest scale ,it occupies 220,000m2 land acreage. The manufacturing plant is built base on five phases layout. The first and second phases engineering works has put into production in order to integrate products diversification.

Listing Location

220573-5, Alley 15, Lane 124, Chiao Chung 1St St., Panchiao City, New Taipei City.