GAOYA Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd

About Us

SurffOffice another newly laubched brand by a furniture m,anufacturer GAOYA with profound experience of more than 20 years.
Nowadays, working hours occupy the most in our lives, therefore, cozy working environments has become one of the prerequisites for beneficial recruitments.
SurffOffice is an office furniture brand that creates modern leisures, working hours will be full of happiness and pleasure just as surfing freely in the blue ocean.
SurffOffice pays particular attention to details, heights and dimension scales of office desks and chairs and well-designed based on ergonomics.
The newest fabrics and materials will be procured and applied in the product designs.
In year 2017 Surffice aimed to establish R&D centre to develop new series of products that are enriched with fashion aesthetics while providing more diversified choices for small and medium enterprises.
Surffice will also expand the international market in order to assist and serve international buyers.
Remember, we are not only providing innovative products with attractive prices, but also quality assured products to fulfil the core value of SurffOffice.

Listing Location

465, Jalan Lima Kongsi, 14200 Sungai Bakap, Seberang Perai Selatan, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

+604 582 7572

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