Chueng Shine Co., Ltd.

About Us

Established in Taiwan since 1981, CHUENG SHINE CO., LTD. is a leading company in the design and manufacture of office furniture. We provide a broad range of products for work, lifestyle, institutions, public use, & more. Also, our expertise and experience in manufacturing and design allow us to support customers with OEM and ODM inquiries. For decades, we have served clients from more than 50 countries worldwide. Our philosophy is simple, “To meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations with the highest quality of products and services.”

To uphold our philosophy, we have been devoted to product research, design, and development to create better products. We maintain a customer and quality driven management. We trained and mentored our workforce to perform excellent works by following our strict standard procedures. We remain in the origin of “MADE IN TAIWAN” to ensure and control the quality of our services and products. Moreover, we strive to build a business and work environment where we always take our customers and employees as CHUENG SHINE’s top priority. We deeply believe that only joyful workers can create the best products, and pleasing business experiences can yield the greatest business relationships.
Today’s CHUENG SHINE has been considered as a professional seat manufacturer because we always keep five principles in mind: Integrity, Quality, Flexibility, Responsibility, and Continual Improvement. We are always honest to our products, services, customers, employees, suppliers, and to the community. We persist on providing products and services in the highest quality. We strive to satisfy all customers by making their requirements possible. We take care of all products and services we offer. We are continuously dedicated to make all aspects better at every point. In the future, CHUENG SHINE will hold the principles consistently and keep improving to serve and support the world to the greatest.

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No. 198-6, Chin Tan Li, Taibao City, Chiayi County 61250, Taiwan.

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